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Student Audience at School Concert4753 viewsEagle River Public School.
1959 Dryden Phone Book Page 14422 viewsIndex to Advertisers1 comments
Dryden Paper Mill Woodroom3594 viewsDebarkers on the left. Conveyor to the chipper just to the right. Bottom of chip bin far rear. Chips are conveyed to the chip loft. At the bottom it narrows to feed chips via an augur onto the conveyor (horizontal black line) to the digesters.
Wright's Store in Dryden3566 views
Women at the Eagle River Railway Station, circa 19201020 views
First bridge across the Eagle River931 views
Woman at Cascade Hotel848 views
Winnie and Angus Korzinski823 views
Winnie and Gus Hedberg818 views
Drive to Meridian Bay 2011646 viewsMy visiting cousin wanted to see the quartz quarry.
The turn off is just past the Bear Narrows bridge.
Alvin Engdahl602 viewsAlvin is the oldest of the boys and the fifth child ln the Engdahl Family, born in 1922.

I think he finished grade 8 in Eagle and went to work in the Canada Car foundry in Thunder Bay building airplane parts for the war effort after which he went harvesting in Sask and Alberta or when he was at home he cut cordwood with Dad. He had poor eyesight so was unable to get in the armed forces. He ended up in BC and worked at various jobs mostly in the forest industry and was a scaler for Balco forest products in Kamloops for 20 years or so before retiring to Hornby Island BC in 1981. He was married to Clara and they had two daughters Sheryl and Cindy who live in Vancouver. Clara had two other children from a previous relationship, Norman and Darlene whom he adopted. Clara and Alvin divorced and he later married Delores and they still live on Hornby. He was a great accordian player and enjoyed his music like the rest of us. (As told by Aina in 2011.)

Ironsides 1968597 viewsYvonne and Jim Ironsides and kids.
Probably Pakwash Lake near Ear Falls.
Jim worked in the Griffith Lake iron mine.
Edna Weberg, Esther Lundeen 1957564 views
5. Griffith Mine 1968546 viewsThe crushed ore went in the mill on the right and the concentrated iron pellets went to the silo on the left.
Cutup Mill at Eagle River Dam526 viewsNote horse team.
Eagle River School509 views
Bruce and Shirley Fread Wedding 1972507 viewsSeated, Glen Scheibler, Jane Fread, Ray Fread.
Reception in the Thunderbird Motel just west of Dryden on TransCanada Highway.
For picture of the hotel's last day, search Thunderbird.
Eagle River before the store502 views
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