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Centennial 1967Mrs. Henderson, Exilda Kondra, two unknowns, Wilmer Errington, Amy Campbell, Joyce Barker and Dorothy Wright (front)
Variety Show 1964
Barry Bialkoski, Reunion 1993Joyce Barker, Barry, Bob Hampe, John Schultz
Gordon Barker - Joyce Weberg Wedding
Charlie Mason with Rick and Charlene Barker 1966Blue Lake
Gordon Barker 1933 - 2013
Joyce Weberg and Bev Lundeen
Joyce Weberg 1955
Dryden Paper Mill WoodroomDebarkers on the left. Conveyor to the chipper just to the right. Bottom of chip bin far rear. Chips are conveyed to the chip loft. At the bottom it narrows to feed chips via an augur onto the conveyor (horizontal black line) to the digesters.
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