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Thiel Road, Dryden 1976Fread's residence, April 26, 1976. Only 6 homes on the road at this time. In fact, the road wasn't named back then. Later named after John and Ruth Thiel who first built at the end. Kossiks wanted it to be named Hungarian Road because of them, Mengays, and Molnar who built this house.
Allan Thompson and my 1954 FordI think this car came from Boadways in Dinorwic.
Picture taken in the back of our Thiel Road residence, Dryden; 1973.
Fread Clan on Thiel Road 1981Edith, Shirley, Bruce, Kim, Chris, Jane, Ray, Stefan Walther (Marlene's son) seated front.
Thiel Road, DrydenJune 5, 1982. We still have the 1979 Chev 4x4.
Thiel Road, DrydenApril 23, 1985. Heavy rain on the still frozen ground caused Swanson Creek to back up at Hwy. 601. The road was dug out over concerns that the natural gas pipeline to Dryden was endangered.
Thiel Road, DrydenJune 23, 1985. We did some fencing that year.
Thiel Road, DrydenNovember 20, 1986. Our home up for sale.
Thiel Road, DrydenJune 28, 1997. Ten years after we sold the property.
Thiel Road, DrydenJuly 10, 2003. 16 years after we moved away.
Thiel Road, DrydenMay 22, 2008. 21 years after we moved away.
Dryden 1958Leach Road and Thiel Road at Highway 601.

For more Dryden aerials, search "aerial".
Thiel Road, DrydenApril 14, 2010. The garage appears to be falling apart. The concrete floor was cracked when we left. Guess rebar was expensive back in the '60s.
Dryden 1958Thiel Road
Dryden 1958East end of Thiel Road
Dryden 1958East of Thiel Road
Dryden 1958Leach and Thiel Roads crossing Highway 601
Thiel Road, DrydenJune 12, 2013. 26 years after we moved out. The garage is gone.
Thiel Road, DrydenApril 23, 1985. View of our backyard as Swanson Creek backs up. After night shift at the mill, I bought two sump pumps. While setting up I heard a slurp from the basement floor drain. Went outside and the water was going down fast.
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