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CPR Underpass, DrydenMay 30, 1980
Queen Street, Dryden 1912
Dryden, OntaioEarl at King Street, about 1946
King Street, Dryden, Ontario
King Street, Dryden, OntarioAugust 1998
King Street Underpass 1982Dryden, Ontario.
Queen Street, Dryden 1960Close up of liquor store. Sign says Liquor Control Board.
Picture taken September 1960.
Ed Czyrko and Glenn Scheibler Fishing at Aubrey Lake, near Wall Street on Hwy 594. May 1967.
King Street, Dryden, Ontario1 comments
Queen Street, Dryden 1910
Queen Street, Dryden 1960Sign on the square building to left of center, under the street lamp, says Liquor Control Board. When entering, you didn't see rows of bottles like today. To purchase you went to a table beneath a price list. Fill out a slip with the number(s), sign your name and take to the counter. The staff would go into the back and bring out the requested bottles in a paper bag. You were expected to proceed directly home. Drinking outside your house, even on your lawn was illegal.1 comments
DrydenLooking south to Duke Street from Princess & Whyte, 1978.1 comments
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