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Andrew Heide
Bernier Day in Machin Park
Dryden Paper Co. - #2 RewinderBill Bryck running #2 paper machine rewinder.
#1 pulp machine at his back
Building the New Mill in Dryden 1980Tanks in bleach plant and the frame for the pulp machine room going up. Big white blob in the background is the inflatable warehouse for pulp bale storage. Two large fans keep the tent erect.
Frances Pringle 1928 - 2015
Dryden Mill 1960sPulp Baling Line
Pulp Machine Layboy March 1980After the pulp sheet is drawn through the dryers, the cutter and slitters make sheets which are piled on the layboy. Then sent to the baling press and from there wrapped and banded and off loaded by fork trucks.
Guido Sittaro, Mike Frenette?, Guy Shoguchi, John Potter and Bruce Fread.
Pulpmachine and Stores Bldgs.April 4, 1981
West side of Dryden MillFebruary 6, 1982.
Roy Lillie with Hot Rod Machin Ave., Dryden. July 1972
Car Show at Machin Park 1979
Machin Picnic August 10, 1985Shirley Fread and Rod McClean during Bernier Day Picnic
Dryden Paper Co. - #4 machine rewinderClarence Dustin in white shirt.
Photo submitted by Mike Hamilton, son of Lewis Hamilton, grandson of Hughie Hamilton.
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