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Aina Whiting, Ruth Larson, Margaret Strand 1946Winnipeg pictures shot by a street photographer.
Helen Ming, Edna Calvert, Barry Bialkoski 1993
GroupBest guess: Betty Lou, Svea Jacobson, Ruby Jaeger; Judy Larson; Gloria Korzinski; Ann Jacobson; Darlene Moore; Terry Cain; Joanne Cain
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Edna Larson Calvert
Fred, George, Rudy Hoffman, Judy Coates & Aina Whiting 1993
Judy Larson Coates
Judy and Ab Coates, Edna & Graham Calvert 1993
Group 1993Marion Marcellus, Dora Davies, Jack Cedarlund, I. Siska, Dan & Edna Calvert, Aina Whiting.
GroupLinda Munter; Betty Lou Weberg; Judy Larson; Loretta Cameron; Ruby Jaeger; Irene Hill
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