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1. Griffith Mine 196845 ton Euclid dumping ore into crusher. Griffith Mine, open pit iron ore mine north of Ear Falls, Ontario.
4. Griffith Mine 1968The crushed ore enters the processing building on the right through conveyors beneath the two ore piles from the crusher. The stacker conveyor can be swivelled to feed either pile. The two grinding mills first in line required so much power that the mill wasn't allowed to start the second one until 15 minutes after the first to allow the powerplant at the Ear Falls dam to recover.
3. Griffith Mine near Ear Falls 1968From the crusher, along two conveyors and out the stacker to feed the two grinding mills.
Bruce Fread and Jim Newman-Tyler. Sixty feet down to the conveyor beneath the crusher and thirty feet up to the stacker building. Great exercise running up and down the stairs. I don't remember the distance along the inclined conveyor, and I don't really want to think about it but it was an easier walk then the stairs.
2. Griffith Mine crusher 1968Works like a mortar and pestle.
Griffith Mine 1969Boosting Dan McDonald's car with my 1960 Pontiac. March 1969.
Griffiths Road 2012Looking for more old pictures. Meanwhile...
Snowbanks on Griffiths RoadMarch 3, 20141 comments
Griffiths Road, Minnitaki
5. Griffith Mine 1968The crushed ore went in the mill on the right and the concentrated iron pellets went to the silo on the left.
Griffith MineDecember 6, 1986
6. Griffith Mine 1968Train loaded with iron ore pellets at silo in background.
7. Griffith Mine 1968Looking from mill to camp and parking lot. Road to Red Lake highway in center rear.
Griffith Mine to Close 1984
8. Griffith Mine 1969Mine campsite parking lot. In the winter, just back the car into a snowbank and shovel it out when you want to leave again.
9. Griffith Mine 1969In early 1969 the union at the mine called a strike. One of the issues was the company practice of not plowing the parking lot at the campsite where many of the workers resided. The strike only lasted about 4 days. Just as well, it was cold on the picket line.
Ironsides 1968Yvonne and Jim Ironsides and kids.
Probably Pakwash Lake near Ear Falls.
Jim worked in the Griffith Lake iron mine.
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