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Demolishing the Old Dryden MillWaiting on the digesters at left.

November 10, 1985.
Dryden Pulpmill, small digester floorThis was taken near the west end of the small digester floor (8 units) where the light is best, #7. (The 5 large digester floor was just above.) This man is tightening bolts which hold the lid on the cooking vessel. The heavy chute to connect to the chip bin above is one digester behind him on the floor. The chute is set just below the slide valve beside his head. The handwheel on the swiveling 90 elbow raises the chain with the hook to the lid. Everything is manual.
Installing Large Digester #9 in Dryden Mill
Demolishing the Old Dryden MillDigester building awaiting the wrecking ball. November 10, 1985
Dryden Paper Mill WoodroomDebarkers on the left. Conveyor to the chipper just to the right. Bottom of chip bin far rear. Chips are conveyed to the chip loft. At the bottom it narrows to feed chips via an augur onto the conveyor (horizontal black line) to the digesters.
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