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Dryden Mill Chip Conveying 1997
Old Woodroom and Chemical PlantOld woodroom at left, chemical plant below, chip conveyors everywhere.
October 27, 1982
Dryden Mill Chip Yard 2011
Dryden Mill 2011From the southwest.
Chip Truck DumpingChip yard, Dryden Mill.
Dryden Mill Chip Conveying System under constructionMarch 13, 1996
Mill Rooftop 1983Bleach Plant on the left with the water tower. Right of that, lower, is the washer building. The blue area is the chip bin with the conveyor on the right coming up at an angle. Recoveries and steam plant on the extreme right. Recoveries are so named because they burn the lignin out of the cooking liquid and recover it.
Dryden Paper Mill WoodroomDebarkers on the left. Conveyor to the chipper just to the right. Bottom of chip bin far rear. Chips are conveyed to the chip loft. At the bottom it narrows to feed chips via an augur onto the conveyor (horizontal black line) to the digesters.
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