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Old Woodroom and Chemical PlantOld woodroom at left, chemical plant below, chip conveyors everywhere.
October 27, 1982
Dryden Chemicals 1970The brine entered on the right, the hydrogen and chlorine dioxide was sucked out on the left.
NaCl + H20 = Cl02 + H2 + NaOH
Sodium chloride + water equals chorine dioxide + hydrogen + sodium hydroxide
Dryden Chemicals50,000 amperes added up to $600,00 a year to operate this plant
Dryden ChemicalsChlorine compressors (Gabionnetas) compressed the chlorine gas, then sent to the chillers where it was liquefied and stored in four large tanks.
Chlorine and Chlorine dioxide were used to bleach the brown stock that originated from chipping the wood.
Dryden Mill Chemical PlantJuly 22, 1980
Dryden Chemicals 1972Mercury cells producing chlorine and caustic soda for the mill.
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