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Dryden from the North about 1950I was given a stack of negatives taken by Dryden Paper Co. photographers. Bought a negative scanner/converter and now I'm posting to Facebook under a public page.
For those of you on Facebook, "Dryden Paper and Town of Dryden" will get you there.
Mar 09, 2016
Gordon Lundmark 1946 - 2016Mar 08, 2016
Dryden Paper social 1965George Gamble and Stella DaviesFeb 28, 2016
Dryden Paper Co. - Bleach Plant washer drumDrum on truck with drive gear attachedFeb 28, 2016
Dryden Paper Co. - Bleach Plant washer drumHoisting drum to top floor of bleach plantFeb 28, 2016
Dryden Paper Co. - #3 RewinderBob Kirwan, or might be BillFeb 28, 2016
Dryden Paper Co. - #4 machine rewinderClarence Dustin in white shirt.
Photo submitted by Mike Hamilton, son of Lewis Hamilton, grandson of Hughie Hamilton.
Feb 27, 2016
Dryden Paper Co. - #2 RewinderBill Bryck running #2 paper machine rewinder.
#1 pulp machine at his back
Feb 25, 2016
Dryden Paper Co. Gordon Rutter on #3 machine rewinderFeb 23, 2016
Group at Dryden Paper mill social 1965Mostly electriciansFeb 21, 2016
Class at Dryden Paper mill 1965Right groupFeb 20, 2016
Class at Dryden Paper mill 1965Left groupFeb 20, 2016
Class at Dryden Paper Mill 1965Feb 20, 2016
Dryden Paper Co. social 1965Feb 17, 2016
Dryden Paper Co. Mill Social 1965Flemings; LaForrests; MarginetsFeb 16, 2016
Youths at Dryden Paper Co. time office 1965Right half of groupFeb 16, 2016
Youths at Dryden Paper C. time office 1965Full pictureFeb 16, 2016
Youths at Dryden Paper Co. time office 1965Left half of groupFeb 16, 2016
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